Devinci Bikes

Director: Jared Putnam
Creative Director: Dylan Sherrard
DP: Jared Putnam, Brody Jones, Bram Treissman, Scott Secco, Rob Parkin Producer: JaredPutnam, Dylan Sherrard, Jimmy Adams
AC: Bram Treissman
Edit/Colour: Jared Putnam
Sound: Keith White Audio

A bike without a rider is just an arts and crafts project: A metal frame on rubber wheels with a chain and a bit of grease. At Devinci, it’s more than just bikes. It’s about turning daydreamers into adventurers, part-time hustlers into full-time commuters, and thrill-seekers, to world champions. Devinci makes communities come together with a single objective in mind: to quench its thirst for freedom, one mile at a time. And live every ride as if it was the first.

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