Rocky Mountain Bikes

Client: Rocky Mountain Bikes
Athletes: Remi Gauvin | Lilly Bouchard | Thomas Vanderham | Celeste Polmerantz
Director/DP: Brody Jones
Cinematography: Brody Jones, Jared Putnam, Zac Moxley
Producer / Creative Director / Editor: Jared Putnam
Production Assistants: Kadison Petellier, Josh Goodman, Anatole Tulziak, El Spatula
FPV Drone: Kadison Petellier
Script: Jared Putnam
Sound Design / Mix: Keith White Audio
Colour: Nic Collar
Rentals: Spacial Camera, Raw Camera Co.

Official release project for the Rocky Mountain Bikes 2024 Altitude; a bridge between the old and the new.

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